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Spotlight: Werewolves, a prince and Mother Goose

Christina Stock Photo Pictured are, from left to right, Michael White, Keaton Hartwell, Tonya Dickman, Shelly Forrester, Edrice Tozier and Jeorganna Simoes. The cast of "Mother Goose Gets Eaten By The Werwolves" is seen here rehearsing a crucial scene of the comedy.

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Roswell Community Little Theatre’s new comedy production promises mayhem and laughter

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

Roswell Community Little Theatre (RCLT) brings the story of “Sleeping Beauty” to stage as it never was. “Mother Goose Gets Eaten By Werewolves” is the tale about nursery rhyme characters wanting to show the world in a play the truth about “Sleeping Beauty.”

However, feathers will fly and Mother Goose will go on the run when she finds out “real” werewolves are cast in this production. The whimsy tongue-in-cheek take on typical fairy tale characters is written by Steph DeFerie. DeFerie’s love for community theaters makes her one of the most successful playwrights for children and adults today. Her scripts have been performed on countless stages in the US and overseas and have won several awards.

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One of the main characters in RCLT’s production is performed by Edrice Tozier. “I am playing Prune Danish. She is my favorite. She is just so much fun to play. I don’t want to give it away, but she’s a little devious,” she said.

Tozier said that she grew up in Roswell and had experience performing and being an understudy in several plays at RCLT.

“I like being on stage,” she said. “I like working with all the people. It’s just a lot of fun, the whole process. Auditions are not that fun; it’s a bit nerve racking. But rehearsals, all that, it’s just all fun.”

Another main character is the “Fairy Godmother.” Her role is played by Jeorganna Simoes. The experienced actor has performed in several plays since she was 14 years old. In Roswell she’s been doing at RCLT as well as Way Way Off-Broadway Theatre Company and Neverland Theatre Company.

“Here in Roswell I’ve been doing plays for 10 years,” she said. “I do little movie spots once in a while, too.”

Asked what she enjoys most in this play, Simoes said, “The fun part for me is I go back and forth with the witch and then I am telling the story, so what can be better than that?”

Simoes said that the rules are made by her, as the fairy godmother, until the witch (played by Tonya Dickman) arrives on the scene. “You have to come to see the play to see what happens,” Simoes said.

To make everything appear spontaneous is one of the biggest challenges that the cast of the chaotic play within the real play has. However, director Alethea Hartwell has well-experienced actors on her side. They include Shelly Forrester, Keaton Hartwell, Charles Lathrop, Natasha Mackey, Michele Stewart, Dan Tisdel and Michael White.

Forrester, Adele Bozeman and LaFonda Humphreys are part of the crew.

RCLT is located at 1717 S. Union Ave. The public has two weekends to see the play, Dec. 3 to 5 and 10 to 12. Performances on Fridays and Saturdays are at 7:30 p.m. and on Sundays at 2:30 p.m. For more information, visit roswelltheatre.com or call 575-622-1982.

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