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Roy Flores Guerrero


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Roy Flores Guerrero

Roy Flores Guerrero left this world on November 18th, 2021, at 61. There wasn’t a day that he wasn’t out walking or in the gym to break the stereotype of age, though. But speaking of age and sweets, he was an avid lover of pecan pie; he didn’t wait for holidays to indulge. He approached life that way. There was never a reason to wait to celebrate something. He didn’t believe in a life of tomorrow’s.

Weekends were spent with his grandchildren at libraries reading, or movie theaters before streaming services over-complicated things. Despite how busy he kept himself, Roy was never in a rush. He took his time talking and visiting when he ran into people everywhere, much to the chagrin of his daughter and grandchildren who aren’t as social.

He volunteered at Senior Circle and vowed to find a VCR for all the VHS tapes he refused to part with. He went to the racquetball club for coffee and relished in good conversations with good people. He was humble. He didn’t want for much, other than investing time for relationships. He didn’t have much either, but would still give all that he had.

To talk about Roy is to discuss a tenet contrary to definement. His personality couldn’t be categorized.

He loved quiet rainy days, but preferred torrential downpours and howling wind. He hated his smartphone, but asked Google about everything. He was fond of the sarcasm he passed down to his daughter and grandchildren but still brought up lessons of respect.

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He would listen to classical music in the morning and Guns ‘n Roses in the afternoon. He debated politics with his grandson and laughed harder at kid shows than his youngest granddaughter. He’d question why his oldest grandchild was obsessed with slime and would cringe when he was asked to play. But he never told them no.

Roy enjoyed what was simple. He never complained about anything. He had enough stories to outlast any road trip. He would laugh at inappropriate times and talk about cop show plots at the kid’s games as little minds stared wide-eyed, overhearing nearby. It should be mentioned here that Roy didn’t have a whispering voice.

He’d try a new tea for health that stunk his house up with garlic and ginger, and then eat a Klondike bar later on that day that he “bought for the kids.” When he didn’t cut it, his hair resembled the 1980s styles of Sylvester Stallone and Erik Estrada, which was part of the reason why his grandchildren had more nicknames for him than he could keep up with. Half of his photos have his sunglasses hanging from his shirt collar because there were never enough cloudy days.

He pursued God with every thought, prayer, and action, and gave the very best of himself even as he continued to work on himself. He knew he was blessed and loved others in a way that they could feel they were too.

He’s still waiting for the Cowboys to win another Super Bowl, but he grew tired of the commentary on TV and accepted the one-way ticket to the best seat in the sky that no amount of money can buy.

Roy was preceded in death by his son Aaron, his mother and father, Mary and John, brothers John and Ernest, and nephew Ernie. He is survived by his daughter Danielle and grandchildren Andrea, Aaron, and Ariana; his siblings Mary, Teresa, Pauline, Sandy, Tony, Lee (Trena), and Eddie Guerrero; sisters-in-law Lisa and Valerie Guerrero, along with several cousins, nieces, and nephews.

In lieu of flowers, Roy asks that you pray for more rainy days.

A memorial service is scheduled for Friday, December 3rd, 2021 at 2:00pm at Church on the Move.

Please take a moment and share a kind thought or memory with Roy’s family at www.andersonbethany.com.

Roy’s tribute was written in his honor by his family.

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