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Letter: Not everyone’s disappointed in Congressional map


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Once again Rep. Greg Nibert is wrong. He said, “There is no desire for Chaves County to be part of CD-1 or frankly, part of CD-3.” (RDR, Dec. 15). I am thrilled to be moving to a district with a functional member of Congress instead of the party-line-spouting ineffective member I have had since the 2020 election. Local Republicans always ignore the fact that there are, in fact, Democrats living in Roswell. We are not heard by local representation. Except for Rep. Anderson (Ind.) I have never had a concern of mine addressed by my local representatives — city, county or state — and have had no letters replied to. I did, indeed, desire to be in at least one district where I can feel my voice is being heard.

If I have read the map correctly, I will be in CD-1 and Melanie Stansbury will be my representative. If I am wrong, I will be in CD-3 with the dynamic Teresa Leger-Fernandez. Either way I win.

I applaud the creative thinking that produced these districts. Splitting Albuquerque so it is part of the rest of the state was a great idea. So often the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area can’t see past their own noses. Now they will have to. CD-1 and CD-3 are now rated as competitive, so Mr. Nibert should just prepare for real campaigns, not that he has said he is running for Congress. New Mexico’s two fossil-fuel patches will be combined, with Four Corners and Hobbs sharing a representative. Albuquerque’s agricultural South Valley will join with southern New Mexico ag regions. Maybe this big state can learn we have many things in common though we are so spread out.

Chaves County politicians have become complacent, used to Republicans easily winning every election. One of the things redistricting should address is the status quo. The new federal House districts do that. I wish the state-level maps also shook things up, but they don’t. Maybe next time. And to Mr. Nibert I say — I did desire to be in a different district and am glad the New Mexico Legislature chose this map.

Flo Wells

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