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Letter: Roswell suffers as leaders resist change


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I have read with concern two recent events in Roswell leading to the submission of this letter. My wife and I retired here by choice and love this community.

My concern lies with recent events such as the inane zoning restrictions/requirements for cannabis sales locations and the recent refusal to grant zoning approval for solar farms and what these restrictions/actions by the city council and (other local officials) indicate.

A serious drawback to our community is that many in positions of civic responsibility display a fear of the future, a desire to remain “lost” in the supposed “good old days” of the 1950s.

The legalization of cannabis farming and cannabis local sales locations with their corresponding increases in city revenue is something to be embraced, not restricted to the point of destruction. This also applies to our ability to produce for sale and subsequent city income solar and wind power.

Solar/wind power production capability in New Mexico is one of our strengths. Funds from these newer industries can not only provide high paying employment, but tax revenue can be directed toward projects developing Roswell as a center for the arts.

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We have a community filled with artistic, talented people whose work tourists/visitors never see or experience. Take the tax income from cannabis farming and sales as well as wind and solar power sales for use in rehabbing downtown out of its 1950s look and feel and create additional locations downtown for businesses specializing in local arts, which will create even more revenue.

I would so love to see Roswell listed among the 10 top art towns of New Mexico, which is more than possible if our civic leaders and civic administrators cease resisting any change that is new and foreign to them as individuals. We cannot afford to resist what is new, we should embrace it, for later when those who resisted change realize their mistakes it will be too late.

I am 70 years old and have long ago learned that it does not matter if you wish to change or do not — the world simply changes around you. Embracing change rather than resisting change is never a fault.

Warren W. Buttler

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