Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dear Editor

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Further recognition for Unity Center class

This letter is in regard to the article, “The Unity Center is there for kids more than ever,” which was published on Friday, specifically...

The continued war on terror

“Trump’s gonna get us into a war,” people say. We’re fighting one, and we’re not shooting in another, and unless a new enemy emerges,...

Alzheimer’s disease: A public health crisis

As a New Mexican, I am concerned by the rapidly growing public health crisis of Alzheimer’s disease. There are 5.5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s...

Veteran’s Prayer Breakfast postponed

The Roswell Elks Lodge regrets that, due to circumstances beyond our control, it was necessary to postpone our annual Veteran’s Prayer Breakfast. Because there are...

Climate change by three numbers

President Donald J. Trump has fulfilled another one of his campaign promises. He has announced that the U.S. will not participate in the Paris...

Let’s unite to be ‘all-American’

I have reread your editorial in the Sunday, June 3 edition of the Daily Record, three times and I think, not only is it...

Much to be said on war and violence

AH1100 – 1200 hours on 19 April 2017, a large number of Vietnam War veterans gathered in Artesia to commemorate the war. It was...

Slaughterhouses damage the earth

I was disappointed to read of the probability of a cow slaughterhouse reopening in Roswell. The environmental damage and animal cruelty will be the...

Republicans should ditch the filibuster

Most of my family and some of my friends are Democrats. They list to the left when they walk, and some are so radical...

Taxing food would be wrong for families

You said in your newspaper that you welcomed editorials: Well, I believe Gov. Susana Martinez is wrong to try and put tax on food. The...

Memorial poker benefit a success

Thank you to all who helped to make the Second Annual Michael (Murf) Murphy Memorial Benefit Poker Run held May 13 such a great...

Frequent flyers should beware

American Airlines has imposed a new rule that automatically shuts down their ticket-counter system 30 minutes before a flight’s departure time. So, if you...

Citizens disappointed with new city signs

Recently, I posted a picture of the new “Welcome to Roswell” sign on Facebook. The caption read: “Here is a picture of what a...

Money from signs only for marketing

I am part of the original disappointed youth of Roswell, the group that was promised a pool in high school. Yes, the first of...

Change noticed with interim editor

I have noticed a change in the Roswell Daily Record since you have taken over the leadership as interim editor. There are more articles...

Let’s be responsible for our well-being

Congress has been debating the repeal of Obamacare. One big factor we must carefully consider is this: The federal government was never intended to...


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