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Letter: Red Flag bill: Would the right prefer lawmakers ‘stand idle?’

The red-flag gun bill in our state has been altered to allow only law enforcement officials and not family members to petition for confiscation...

Letter: Roswell shouldn’t focus on ‘keeping up with Artesia’

The Safety Center: Sorry but there are more pressing issues than keeping up with Artesia, which is what this is all about. The mayor got...

Protests treated as entertainment

The Democrats and Progressives have developed a new form of entertainment for their followers, it’s called the protest. This type of gathering holds great...

Dangers of energy production pose conundrum

Martin Kral is certainly a well known proponent of nuclear energy. He has written extensively about it in our newspaper. I admired his honesty...

PNM’s plan is in best interest of New Mexicans

The Rio Grande Foundation is on record as supporting less regulation and more competition in the area of electricity generation. Nonetheless, when the Public Regulation...

Letter writer ponders GOP’s ‘bad luck’

In watching the Trump impeachment hearing I started thinking about all the bad luck the Republicans have had with their elected representatives over the...

Letter: Getting back to Turquoise

Not surprisingly, cases of COVID-19 in Chaves Country are rising again, and restrictions are once again being imposed on businesses here. The response by...

Letter: Don’t seek to enforce laws you don’t like

It’s nice of the Daily Record to give a front-page article to a candidate for county clerk. I hope they’re planning the same coverage...

Follow these tips for flag etiquette

As a 30-year military veteran, I have been amazed as to my hometown’s disrespect for the American flag which we veterans fought for and...

Roswell needs a Johnny Gonzales Day

To the community, I, Tina Washington, would love to see a Johnny A. Gonzales Day. Johnny did so much for the community, we owe him...

Reform might come from DACA change

Democrats say President Trump is heartless because he ended DACA although he’s given them six months to legalize Dreamers. They likely won’t do it because...

Letter: Not in my backyard? Where will state get its electricity?

Now that SB 489 is official, it needs to be physically implemented. In order to meet the clean energy requirements of the bill. A...

Letter: A passionate tribute to a Roswell icon

I read the obituary penned by Dr. Heidi Huckabee describing her beloved husband’s tireless devotion to our community three times. She adroitly conveyed a tone...

Food drive efforts much appreciated

Harvest Ministries of Roswell wants to thank our local letter carriers of the United States Postal Service and the community of Roswell for the...

Blame the predator, not the victim

In a recent RDR letter to the editor, the writer’s defense of Alabama’s Roy Moore’s innocence of sexual assault fails to convince the reader. The...

We should oppose radiation exposure

In the March 21 Opinion Kral Spaces article, “Sabotage of G&O is a stretch,” the author lumps all sources of radiation we are exposed...

Letter: COVID-19 is not ‘Trump’s Chernobyl’

It angers me to no end when the news media pundits compare the coronavirus pandemic to the Chernobyl meltdown. At Chernobyl, less than 50...

Put yourself in the shoes of those seeking US help

What would Jesus want? Or say? I believe he already told us what He wants. Remember what He said: “When I was hungry, you...

Thanks to Curtis Michaels

On my way to Starbucks on this gorgeous Sunday morning, I drove by the kids’ playground on Lea between the Spring River “dip” and...

Letter: Work together to maximize air center potential

Thank you for a very well thought out and well written editorial that captures the immense economic opportunities that a new RIAC (Roswell International...

Fires fed by extreme environmentalism

It always amazes me when the national media will take a single word like ‘rake’ and make such a big deal out of it....

Graduates, beware of ‘brainwashing’

Our recent graduates need to understand about “brainwashing” before going to college. It has two main elements: isolation and repetition. If I stand here and...

Reader: Not local government’s finest hour

As is usual, I attended the Roswell City Council Meeting Thursday night, July 12, and it was a CIVIC EMBARRASSMENT from beginning to end. Larry...

Letter: NM’s chance to make ‘another good decision’ on nuclear

From the moment we get up in the morning and start our day off with a hot cup of coffee, we have started a...


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