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Addicts are capable of choosing to live and conquer

Does the substance kill the addict, or does the addict kill themselves? This very controversial question has become so common in 2017 that it’s...

Don’t be afraid to take risks in future plans

It’s the question that every high school senior avoids, “What are your plans?” If we were to answer that with our truthful thoughts, it...

Spanish-language page is right fit for Roswell

Like so many other businesses in New Mexico and the American Southwest, the Roswell Daily Record has to be bilingual to communicate with customers. Local...

Memory Lawn cemetery cannot be forgotten

On Monday, dignitaries will gather at the General Douglas L. McBride Veterans Cemetery in Roswell for a solemn Memorial Day service for veterans. Wreaths...

It’s time to resolve the Roswell mystery of 1947

As every citizen of Roswell knows, the city is at the center of one of the greatest mysteries of all time. In 1947, something...


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