City Councilor Jeanine Corn Best, standing behind the dais, brought four unloaded firearms used by herself and four generations of her family to share her support of Roswell becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary city to the Roswell City Council on Thursday. Chaves County Sheriff Mike Herrington, right, holds two rifles and Chief Deputy Charles Yslas, left, held the other two firearms before the dais in the new council chambers at the Roswell Convention & Civic Center. (Alison Penn Photo)

City councilors and a supportive audience rallied around Roswell joining Chaves County as a Second Amendment sanctuary city.

City Attorney Aaron Holloman said the item was brought to the city staff to make a statement of several items to be considered at the state and federal levels. Holloman said the resolution had three objectives that Roswell would become a sanctuary city for the Second Amendment, the city would show support of Chaves County’s resolution and would declare opposition to enforcing unconstitutional regulation of rights.