Spending request to councilors prompts wider budget conversation

Carrie-Leigh Cloutier, CEO of Chaves County Court Appointed Special Advocates, is shown speaking to the Roswell City Council on Thursday. On the left is Roswell Department Deputy Chief Albert Aldana. Councilors agreed to allow CASA and the Roswell Police Department to have a memorandum of understanding that details terms for the two entities to share CASA's Mobile Command Post. Cloutier and other CASA members also brought support dogs with them so the public could see them.

Councilor Robert Corn, who also chairs Roswell's Finance Committee, said the city could be facing budget adjustments of as much as $2 million.

His estimate was voiced while councilors talked about needs during last week's council meeting. The subject was prompted by staff with the Solid Waste Department asking for council consent to purchase a 25 Yard Loadmaster Rear Loader. This vehicle would be used by the department to adequately deliver commercial service.