David Marler

Submitted Photo

David Marler surrounded by file cabinets of UFO case files spanning 75 years.

A group of historians and archivists have announced plans to open a new national archive in the Albuquerque area focusing on unidentified aerial phenomenon. Led by author and researcher David Marler, the National UFO Historical Records Center will establish the largest historical archive dedicated to the preservation and centralization of UFO/UAP information in the United States.

At a presentation announcing the new archive during International UFO Congress in Phoenix on Oct. 14, Marler said, “What's the importance of all this? Looking at these historical cases, providing context for what we're hearing about today, well, it demonstrates that there's a rich, diverse history of this UFO phenomenon wherever you look, whether it's newspapers, government documents historical archives, etc.” Marler continues, “I was thinking about this a while back, when you look at the UFO subject we have the National UFO Reporting Center, great. And we also have the National Archives, okay, but the one thing we don't have is, you put these two ideas together, there is no National Archives of Ufology despite the need for one.”