March 1

Victor Manuel Torres III and Deanna Stephanie Ruiz

March 5

Ernest S. Montez and Zenaida R. Duarte

March 6

James R. Standish and Olivia R. Mitchell

March 7

Roy Edward Lawson and Nangel Lynn Lawson

March 8

Mark Anthony Ramirez and Ashley N. Robles

March 12

Ian M. Coleman and Kai-Fen Huang

March 14

Ray Wayne Hodge and Leticia M. Coggin

March 15

Joshua Logan Harris and Shyianne Aubrey Edwards Tobin

March 18

Jeremy Ross Sides and Teresa Holder Wilson

Harold Wayne Ramey and Eula May Mounce

March 19

Malarie Y. Chavez and Tamara Almaraz

March 20

Dimas Matthew Aragon and Rachel Lee Ann Flores

Fidencio Loya and Esmeralda Vazquez Ronquillo

Calvin T. Reese and Kimberly N. Echavarria

Angelique Kaprice Sanchez and Summer Alexis Dominguez

Marco Javier Rivera and Angela Chavez

March 21

Markus Dean Porte and Andrea Lorraine Vaz

Roberto Nava Gonzalez and Maria L. De La O Mendez

March 25

Erik Glen Martinez and Victoria Rae Perez

Raymond O. Ibe Jr. and Chidera D. Ugorji

John Chapa and Keiko Fisher

March 26

Lance J. Romero and Rachel Michelle Wall

Alejo Sandoval and Sandra L. Madrid

March 27

Christopher Patrick Dee and Cinthia Nayeli Garcia Hernandez

Michael Andrew Yalch and Robi Lynn Goodyear

March 28

Erica Ann Hardin and Autumn G. Lem

March 29

Kristen J. Allen and Stephanie R. Silvas

Michael T. Shreve and Diane M. Lilly

Christopher Ralph Reynolds and Karen L. Yruegas