Goddard Football coach Chris White (J.T. Keith Photo)

Second-year coach Chris White led the Goddard Rockets to a winning season in his first year at the helm.

Many Rocket fans wanted to know if he felt any different pressure from going from an assistant coach to head coach. So RDR sports reporter J.T. Keith talked to him after practice Thursday.

RDR: Coach, a lot of fans want to know what the biggest difference is from being an assistant to head coach?

CW: “When I was an assistant coach here, we had a lot of experienced coaches on staff. Head coach (Sam) Jernigan had 30 years of head-coaching experience, the defensive coordinator Mike Whalen, since the early 90s, and then we had coaches (that have) been here since 2000.

Since I have come on, it’s a young staff and coaches are learning their identities. It is a lot different far as to how your coaching philosophy could be. It changes in the role you play with the kids, is the biggest difference. It might sound strange to me, that’s the biggest difference.”