The Glory Days 4 on 4 Incorporated is planning an upcoming flag football tournament Memorial Day weekend at Cielo Grande Recreation Area. 

Glory Days 4 on 4 Inc. describes this type of football as an “up-tempo style play of flag football.” The person behind Glory Days 4 on 4 is 10-year NFL veteran David Macklin.

“This year was kind of a time crunch but we have been blessed by the city of Roswell and their administration to kindly open up the doors for us to have this tournament, and see what the possibilities can be for now and in the future,” Macklin said. “I hope to bring the tournament back to Roswell annually.”

Macklin said he started Glory Days 4 on 4 to teach young people the importance of competition but also to teach life skills. Macklin wants his company to be the “spearhead” of helping youth initiatives in different communities across the country.

“Sports has always been a love, but the community and the youth have always been a passion of mine as well,” Macklin said. “I was blessed enough to link up with a gentleman by the name of Brandon Williams who has played in the previous tournaments there in Roswell, and had shared with me the thing that had happened there during COVID.” 

Macklin said that one of the biggest things that inspired him to host a tournament in Roswell is the community aspect, and creating excitement through flag football. 

Roswell’s annual flag football tournament called Hike It and Spike It filled this role, but after a couple of tournaments were canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic, in late 2021 its organizers announced the event was being discontinued.

Macklin said he is not in the business of comparing his tournament to Hike It and Spike It because Glory Days 4 on 4 has a long way to go.  

“We would like to make the overall experience to be better in the future,” Macklin said. “We want to play around it and implement things that participants and guests did not experience when they came to previous tournaments. We want to focus and hone those things that we can make better.”

The tournament will be in a four-on-four format and have six divisions: 18 and up; 16-17; 15 and under; 12 and under; 10 and under; and eight and under. More information about the tournament can be found online at 

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